Monday, August 4, 2014

Media Monday

Happy Monday!

Well it is already August and we have a whole new display of QR codes throughout the museum. I have chosen items that are not usually on display in the museum and I have pulled them from storage for the month of August. There are 5 new artefacts that I have focused on this month and they include: an apple peeler, a cigarette dispenser, a glove box, a Log Cabin quilt, and a box of tintype photographs. These objects will be set around the museum accompanied by QR code tent cards that allow for you to scan with your SmartPhone and receive extra information regarding the object. Tour guides here at the museum have booklets explaining each object as well and therefore can answer many of the questions any of our guests will have. Below is a site map showing where the objects will be located throughout the museum during the month of August. 


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