Sunday, August 17, 2014

Catching Up With Catie!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Sadly, today is my last blog post as I fly back to Nova Scotia for my last year of school this Friday.  It is crazy how fast this summer has gone!  You may have noticed that I missed my post last week because it was Day Camp week last week.  It was a very busy, but very fun and successful week here with the 8 campers that came out.  We had presentations on Rug-Hooking from Stacie Littlejohn, and on the railway that was booming in this area back in the day, by a wonderful Railway Museum volunteer named Ron.  We also had Marg Hulls take us through the trails and Kim Lundberg teach us about the aboriginals that lived here before it was settled.  We made taffy, clay bowls and bouncy balls too!  The weather wasn’t the nicest at the beginning of the week, but the sun came out eventually and though it was cool, the days were perfect for being outside, which the kids loved.  I am definitely glad that I was able to be involved in Day Camp this year and getting to know the children is one of the best parts. 

Watermelon update: I think it is has gotten a bit longer, but it has definitely become rounder and when I gave a knock on the side and it was hollow, so I think it’s ready.  So exciting!

I am really going to miss working here and my awesome fellow employees!  This beautiful place is one of my favourites, and I plan on visiting in the future and volunteering when I am back home next year as well.  Backus-Page now has its own piece of my heart J  Take care everyone and enjoy what’s left of your summer. 



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